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Photovoltaic system: KÖMMERLING goes green

The 4,583 PV modules generating solar power are an important part of “a window to a better world” as far as the Head of Marketing and Brands Marc Habermeyer is concerned. Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine GmbH, couldn’t agree more: “We are an owner-managed company that is committed to sustainable development, which is why our carbon footprint is extremely important to us.” The gigantic photovoltaic system has been installed across a total of five factory roofs in Pirmasens, which is where the PVC-U profiles for KÖMMERLING Premium windows are manufactured. The photovoltaic system has a total peak output of 1,214.5 kilowatts and enables profine GmbH to reduce the CO₂ greenhouse gas emissions by 643 tons per year. The biggest challenge in a project of this scale was to get the PV system connected up to the grid without interrupting operations and causing downtime for profine GmbH.

Lotto-Team play for Eileen Görtler and Kristina Vogel

Our KÖMMERLING employee Jannik Nagel thought the idea of a Lotto-Team charity football match to raise money for Eileen Görtler and Kristina Vogel was a fantastic idea and he made a key contribution to the event’s success. Jannik is a player/trainer at amateur club SG Bruchweiler and a true sportsman. He organised the match with the assistance of the club’s players and management. The charity event raised a total of EUR 26,000 to support Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (28), who was left paralysed by a cycling accident, and rheumatism sufferer Eileen Görtler (17) from Nothweiler. KÖMMERLING and its partner Mainz 05 donated additional prizes – including exclusive “window seats” for a Bundesliga home game in the Mainz arena.

Kristina Vogel was amazed that more than 1,300 people came along to watch the game. Famous faces playing for a good cause in the Lotto-Team team included Guido Buchwald, Hans-Peter Briegel, Dariusz Wosz, Wolfgang “Otto“ Kleff and several other international and Bundesliga stars. 87-year-old Horst Eckel (who was on the German team that won the 1954 FIFA World Cup) opened the game, surrounded by a crowd of fans. The entire event was a complete success. It drew tumultuous applause from the spectators, who also made generous donations.

Our team in the Netherlands headed towards paperless working

"Our goal is to become a paperless office. We are already half-way to significantly reducing our carbon footprint. And even small steps make a big impact”, says Monisa Javari from our Dutch subsidiary company, not without pride and conviction.

The paperless office will save valuable resources. It’s just one of many eco-friendly concepts that our employees in the Netherlands have introduced to make the world a better place. Others include energy saving measures such as LED lightbulbs, switching off all lights that aren’t needed and the use of digital technologies that replace paper.

For example, by the end of 2019 the entire order process will be digital – i.e. paperless. Changes are also being introduced to internal work processes. Touchscreen monitors have been installed in the conference rooms for use in meetings. Agendas or lists don't have to be printed out any more. The employees record information directly with special software and work on documents together at the same time.

Summing up, the Dutch team is saving both paper and time, because digital working is far more efficient.

We have Russian ‘Vitality Leaf’ eco-label certification

“We wanted to credibly communicate our ecological commitment to the outside world. That’s why we’re proud to be able to use the Vitality Leaf eco-label on our products. The Vitality Leaf eco-label is the first and only system of voluntary environmental certification of goods in Russia that is recognised by the official Global Ecolabelling Network,” explained Alexander Mareew, Head of Marketing and Product Management at profine RUS, which manufactures the KÖMMERLING Premium window systems for Russia. The profine Group’s Russian subsidiary, profine RUS, was recertified for its eco-friendly products and production in 2019. Vitality leaf certification is an indicator that a company is committed to promoting a green economy to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. profine RUS has now been certified twice under the Vitality Leaf eco-label programme. Alexander Mareew: “profine RUS is the only manufacturer of PVC profiles in Russia with the Vitality Leaf eco-label.”

Winning matches with second-hand football boots

Why throw away old but completely intact football boots when there are children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged families or poor countries who need them? This idea prompted the Juvente Mainz Foundation, KÖMMERLING and “Mainz 05 hilft e.V.” to launch a project, and many sacksful of football boots were donated after a call-out from KÖMMERLING. The Juvente Mainz Foundation ensured that the boots were put to good use and they’ve already scored lots of new goals. Joachim Reufels, Marketing Manager Germany, said a few words about the project as he handed over the boots in the Mainz Arena. “The Juvente Mainz Foundation is one of the biggest youth help foundations in Mainz and region. It provides social environment-related support in specific life situations and individual support to children, young people and their families. The foundation also supports children in need by providing them with access to sports, and regularly collaborates in social projects with our partner “Mainz 05 hilft e.V.”."

Our photo shows Joachim Reufels, Marketing Manager Germany, and Klaus Spies, Deputy Director of the Juvente Foundation in Mainz.

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