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3,000 euros for four non-profit organisations

Before the pandemic, when Bundesliga club 1. FSV Mainz 05 was still holding matches in packed stadiums with main sponsor KÖMMERLING's staff and guests cheering on the team from the sponsor's box, the one thing that everyone wanted to know after the game was which “expert” had won the sweepstake by correctly guessing the score.

And the best thing about the sweepstake was that all bets were placed for a good cause because the winner got to choose the non-profit organisation receiving the EUR 100 donation from the KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung foundation. The three charities designated to benefit from the sweepstake were Mainz 05 hilft e. V., the Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung in Pirmasens, the Berliner Tafel organisation and Restart Jugendhilfe in Troisdorf.

The organisation chosen after each sweepstake received a EUR 100 donation, and the total amount donated to each organisation was indicated by a glass column with red balls inside. The EUR 2,500 raised through the sweepstakes was topped up by the KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung foundation to EUR 3,000. Mainz 05 hilft e.V. and Restart Jugendhilfe Troisdorf each received EUR 1,000, while the Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung Pirmasens and the Berliner Tafel organisation each received EUR 500.

profine marketing director Marc Habermeyer handed over the cheque to Marco Dobrani from the Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung Pirmasens. Marc Habermeyer: “The foundation Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung runs a large-scale competitive sport community that is entirely donation-funded. Our donation was used to provide training to talented athletes and to make it possible for them to compete at the Special Olympics. We’re delighted to have been able to help them!"

Here are brief profiles of each organisation and links to their websites in case you would like to make a donation.

RESTART Troisdorf
RESTART Troisdorf helps families, children and young adults in Troisdorf and the surrounding region. It is a multi-denominational, non-profit association providing regular weekly events such as meeting groups for mums and toddlers, and a café for kids and young adults. As an accredited institution RESTART Troisdorf is also involved in voluntary youth and family support activities.

Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung Pirmasens
The foundation Heinrich Kimmle Stiftung is an independent public law foundation founded in 1965 by prelate Heinrich Kimmle. As a regional disabled services provider the foundation supports people with handicaps at work, in the home, and in pre-school and school education with the objective of helping them to lead the most independent life possible.

Berliner Tafel e. V.
What began as a vision in 1993 is now an indispensable element of Berlin's social landscape and hundreds of other Tafel organisations have been established throughout Germany since. Many people in our society are dependent on food donations in addition to their state benefits. Berliner Tafel e.V. transports over 6,600 tonnes of food to more than 300 social organisations, has 45 hand-out points and supports 125,000 Berliners every month.

Mainz 05 hilft e. V.
The calls from many quarters for sports associations to take on greater responsibility for their local communities were nothing new when the initiators of Mainz 05 hilft e. V. decided to listen to them and act on them in 2010. They set up a framework that allowed them to link community involvement and requests for help to the club and called it Mainz 05 hilft e. V. The objective of the association is to provide fast and uncomplicated assistance to people in need in the region – and it has been doing just that for many years.

Football is an attitude

The youngsters give one-hundred percent as they run up and down the pitch – until they are completely exhausted. Their dream is to become professional footballers. But it takes more than being an exceptional player to achieve that dream. It takes a special attitude to life. How does it feel? What does a day in the young players’ lives involve? Read all about it in the book.

Jürgen Klopp said: “It’s a fantastic initiative of my former club.”

The unique book project was realised with the support and collaboration of the foundation KÖMMERLING BETTER WORLD STIFTUNG, the NELE NEUHAUS FOUNDATION and MAINZ 05 football club: “Fußball findet auch im Kopf statt“ (Football is an attitude) – eleven young players and their dream of playing professional football.

“There has never been another football book like it,” said publisher Matthias Knöß. “The Nele Neuhaus Foundation helps children and adolescents to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills. We are always asking ourselves what topics we can use to engage and inspire these youngsters. And football’s a great choice! That’s how we came up with the idea. So we teamed up with MAINZ 05 and the club’s main sponsor KÖMMERLING, two very committed cooperation partners from the very outset of the project.“

We achieved some impressive results. Eleven young footballers between the ages of 14 and 22 wrote down their very personal stories for us. They’re authentic, uncensored and direct, providing deep insights into the daily routines and emotions of ambitious young players. Strength of will, sacrifices, testing out limits and celebrating achievements are all part of these youngsters’ daily routine, because they are all growing up at the Bundesliga club’s Youth Training Centre. They live far away from family and friends, and often from their home country. Their only goal is to realise their dream of being a professional footballer. The narrative is honest and provides brand new insights into professional football.

Interaction is a special aspect of the book, which includes QR codes for each story with links to short videos about the boys.

Available at book stores, web shops and the Mainz 05 fan shop from 14 September 2020, or click the following link to order a copy:

Together in the fight against cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic metabolic disorder. In Germany up to 8,000 children, teenagers and adults are affected by this incurable disease. Patients with cystic fibrosis have varying symptoms. It mainly affects the lungs and pancreas but can also affect other organs. Many with this illness suffer from breathing difficulties and severe problems with the digestive system. Patients with cystic fibrosis are among the high risk group for whom the Corona pandemic can be life-threatening.

When our colleague Manuela Richter found out that her two-year-old neighbour Henri had this terrible disease, it was clear to her that she had to do something to help him.

“Every donation helps to support research into cystic fibrosis and to improve the life-expectancy of children and babies. The fight against cystic fibrosis is long and expensive,” Manuela explains.

She asked our company for support and Ralf Wagner our accessories manager did not hesitate to make a contribution with the foundation “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung”.

He also took some committed suppliers on board. Together with Innoperform, Regel-air Becks and Hoffner a group donation was made. All three companies produce ventilation solutions for a healthy indoor climate. Fresh air is vital for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Ralf Wagner: “I immediately thought of our partners when I heard about this and they were really keen to help. Together we were able to donate a total of 5,000 EUR to cystic fibrosis research. This may be a small contribution compared to the great suffering of the patients but certainly a signal of hope for Henri.”

The German association Mukoviszidose e.V. networks cystic fibrosis patients and their families as well as doctors, therapists, carers and researchers. The association bundles different experiences, competences and perspectives with the goal to enable all those affected by cystic fibrosis to live their lives as independently as possible.

If you would like to help little Henri, you can do this via his mother’s donation website:

KFS supports childrens’ hospice

Seriously ill and alone, dying yet still wanting to have a normal day, being given the chance to experience a few wonderful hours, having a child at home with a life threatening illness, needing a protected place, having lost a mother or father … things that affect everyone. The children and youth hospice service Calluna e.V. supports and accompanies people in these situations.

The good news is: Calluna e.V. in Soltau is not alone but has many supporters. Our partner KFS Fensterbau & Montagetechnik GmbH in Soltau, one of the leading window companies in the region, is one of these. What makes this company so special is not only its success as a business but its great bond with people as well as its social responsibility and commitment.

Entirely in the spirit of the foundation “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung” KFS, a founding member, has committed itself to Calluna e.V. in Soltau since 2015. Calluna gives support in two areas: childrens’ hospice and grieving children.

Petra Schurich from KFS says: “Children and teenagers need special care and support when dealing with illness and death. The grieving process for children and teenagers takes a long time and is not covered by health insurances or social organisations. This work has to be financed from donations. Calluna is the only organisation of this kind in our district, which stretches over 2,000 square kilometres and has 140,000 citizens, which offers this kind of support. We are keen to help and we would be delighted if others were to support this organisation.” KFS also provides rooms for Calluna and informs customers and partners about the charity work of the organisation.

Calluna’s childrens’ hospice supports children, teenagers and young adults who have a life shortening illness. The children, as well as their parents and siblings, can get support from the first diagnosis. Staff at Calluna accompany and support families throughout their day-to-day lives enabling them to gather new strength. There are many different ways to do this, each one is aimed at the individual needs of the children and their families. Calluna e.V. is part of a network of paediatricians, hospitals and paediatric nurses.

Calluna also wishes to accompany and support children and teenagers who need to find a new way in life after the loss of a loved one. The staff at the organisation help children through this grieving process as is needed by each individual. They take the resources of the children and teenagers themselves and help strengthen these. This means allowing the children to process their grief rather than hold it back and to enable them to grieve naturally.

Your window to a better world – Calluna e.V. and KFS Fensterbau & Montagetechnik GmbH setting an example of how to work together to provide caring support. Representing the whole team on the photo are (from left to right): Eva von Alm (Children’s hospice carer), Petra Schurich (Managing Director KFS), Angela Schreiber (Chairperson Calluna eV).

Running for inclusion

Rubén Ureña is a member of our logistics team at profine Iberia. There are two things that are important to him in life: health through sport and the inclusion of disabled children in society. The fact that he was able to unite both of his passions made Rubén, profine Iberia and the foundation KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung very happy.

Rubén Ureña played an instrumental role in ensuring that so many of our employees participated in the ‘Navarrosa Fun Run’ in Azuqueca de Henares near Madrid on 8 March 2020. We were also one of the top sponsors of this 5 and 10-kilometre run for charity.

All of the proceeds, the sponsorship funding and the participant registration fees were donated to Asociación Caminando, an organisation that promotes visibility and inclusion. The donated funds will be used to develop social integration and inclusive education projects.

Take a look at Asociación Caminando Facebook page to find out more about the activities it organises with the donations it receives. The association’s main objectives are to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families, and to include the children in all areas of life.

profine Iberia and the foundation KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung welcome and support this initiative.

Charity handball game for cancer patient Jayla

Patrick Bohn is a colleague who works at our mixing plant in Pirmasens. In November 2019 the world fell apart for him and his family when his four-year-old daughter Jayla was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive, malignant and inoperable brain tumour (pontine glioma, DIPG). Her only hope of recovery is therapy with a drug called ONC201 which isn’t licensed in Germany yet. As a result, the health insurance fund refused to pay the EUR 20,000 per year cost of the treatment, or EUR 100,000 in total for a five-year treatment period. At the family’s initiative the “Saarländische Krebsliga” cancer support organisation held a fund-raising drive to make the treatment possible.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of the profine Group: “When we heard the sad news we immediately knew we had to do something to help. Our foundation “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung” made a financial donation and encouraged all members of staff to help little Jayla and her family with their donations and fund-raising ideas. I’m very proud of them for responding so quickly.”

Our colleague Yvonne Di Loreto read the foundation’s donation appeal and immediately came up with a fund-raising idea. She and her family are active members of the TS Rodalben handball club near Pirmasens. Once a year the club organises a 1000+ handball game which is played for at least 1,000 handball fans at the TSR sports hall. At Yvonne’s initiative, this year’s match was turned into a charity match for Jayla. For every TSR goal scored the “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung” donated EUR 50 and, at the end of the game, a total of EUR 6,750 was handed over to our colleague Patrick Bohn for Jayla.

Thanks to this handball match and similar events the entire EUR 100,000 has now been paid into the Saarländische Krebsliga’s donation account and Jayla’s treatment could already begin. ONC201 kills cancer cells without damaging any healthy cells. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that it helps Jayla to recover from her illness.

Bringing people together and providing real help through ideas are two of the strengths and priorities of the foundation “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung”. So thank you very much to Yvonne for a fantastic idea and for helping a good cause!

Other children battling cancer can also benefit from your donations and support. If you would like to make a donation, the Saarländische Krebsliga's donations account "Krebskranke Kinder" is IBAN: DE65 5909 2000 7405 0400 12, BIC: GENODE51SB2 at Vereinigte Volksbank eG.

Painting competition: What does your better world look like?

"The children really surprised and touched us with their view of the world and their creativity," praised Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of the profine Group, the painting competition that KÖMMERLING had organized together with the KidsClub from the Mainz 05 football Bundesliga club.

The task was to paint "My window to a better world". The children should paint a picture of what they want to see when they look through a window at their very own better world. Because no matter whether pollution, poverty or injustice - surely the children have often asked themselves why some things are not going so well in this world. And surely they have already had an idea at one point or another how to change something about it.

They put all of this on paper and submitted really nice pictures. And there were numerous prizes for that. The main prizes were two VIP tickets for the KÖMMERLING box for a home game of Mainz 05, a hand-signed shirt of the team from the current season and a football signed by the whole squad.

Dr. Peter Mrosik recognized the winners in a small, personal ceremony. "My big thanks go to Tobias, Ben and Marie-Luise for their very own view through "my window to a better world". It is a great pleasure for me“, said Dr. Mrosik. For the members of the Mainz 05 KidsClub, these prizes were of course the greatest thing. The "little fans" got very big and shiny eyes.

Solidarity window auction in Spain

With the aim of giving a second life to those windows and doors that have been used in fairs, exhibitions or events; and, in turn, collaborate with a solidarity cause, profine Iberia has carried out a solidarity auction of windows. Thanks to the collaboration of manufacturers, a distributor and employees, 4,000 euros have been raised, which have been delivered to the Iriana Pasito a Pasito Foundation.

The amount collected will go entirely to the therapy "Therasuit", an intensive treatment of neuro rehabilitation that aims to improve the motor state of the patient. This technique can help improve the quality of life of the small Iriana, who suffers from Foxg1 Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder.

It is important to carry out this type of action and have the support of employees, manufacturers and distributors, especially in a field such as in rare diseases, in which due to the lack of aid and research each small help can mean a big step.

The delivery ceremony took place in the offices of Camarma de Esteruelas, with the presence of the general directors of the brand in Spain, Javier Bermejo and Roberto Taibo; and with the president of Iriana Pasito a Pasito and mother of the girl who gives her name to the Foundation, Pura García.

If you want to know more about the Iriana Pasito a Pasito Foundation, collaborate with the small Iriana or follow its evolution closely, we invite you to visit their Facebook page.

Solidarity March “Together against cancer”

For the second consecutive year, profine Iberia has run against childhood cancer by participating in the IV Solidarity March “Together against cancer”. A solidarity career that is organized by the municipality in which the brand's offices in Spain are located, and which aims to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

With this donation, profine Iberia wanted to show its commitment to a cause as important as cancer research and, in turn, support the municipalities in the area. In addition, several of its workers have participated actively running in this 4-kilometer race.

The proceeds from both collaborations and registration have been destined to the investigation of childhood cancer through the La Sonrisa de Álex Foundation and the Todos Todos Iván Association, which is currently co-financing a research project for the Oncohematology Foundation Children in the Carlos III Health Institute (Madrid). If you want to know more about these associations you can do it through their websites.

The day has not only been marked by the solidarity and practice of sport, but it has had some complementary activities such as: a snack by the Association of women of Camarma de Esteruelas and various events such as masterclass of Zumba or rhythmic gymnastics exhibition.

Solar project with KÖMMERLING systems won three awards

The Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition has had a clear protagonist, and it is a Spanish team. Azalea, the project of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), has won three awards; including the first prize in the category of architecture, the most important of the contest.

The project, which is about sustainable housing, is a tribute to one of the most traditional buildings in Valencia: la barraca. The UPV team has managed to mix the triangular structure of this type of construction with the most current techniques in terms of efficiency and sustainability. In fact, the essential requirement of Solar Decathlon is that participating projects use only renewable energy sources. This combination of tradition, efficiency and design has also won them the second prize in Energy Efficiency and the third in Engineering and Construction.

The construction of Azalea is based on a modular and prefabricated architecture, which emphasizes the continuity of insulation and the importance of air tightness. In all these aspects the windows play a fundamental role, and more taking into account the size of the different windows.

The project has two large sliding doors, manufactured with the KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 76 system; and three balconies with the carpentry KÖMMERLING 76. All this with the advice of the technical team of Hermet10, window manufacturers and members of the Official Network of the brand in Spain.

Azalea is the result of mixing tradition, sustainability, comfort, efficiency and technology. A combination of features that, together with the high performance of the products and materials used, has made them a winning cocktail.

Windows for Moldova

During a stay abroad in Moldova, our colleague Viktor Lampel met a family and was shocked by their difficult living conditions: "The family lived in a confined space in a small clay house, which was much too small for the parents and the four children. Besides, it was drafty and cold. "
It was immediately clear to our colleague that he wanted to help these people. They needed a tight roof over their heads. Back in Germany, he initiated a fundraising campaign in his parish. "I was surprised how great the helpfulness was. There was enough money for construction materials," says Viktor. He also asked for support from our company.
We then contacted our customer, window manufacturer Vefasistem in Moldova. The Moldovan company immediately agreed to provide modern windows and the front door free of charge.
With the donations and the windows Viktor was able to provide tangible help: an annex for the small house. Therefore, he made his way back to Moldova with some friends only a few months later. After 2,200 kilometers and over 30 hours of driving they arrived at their destination. But there was no time to recover from the exhausting journey. Because the team provided on-site help and built the annex of the home with their own hands. Within a week, the building was completed despite the harsh and rainy autumn weather in Moldova.
On site, the technicians of Vefasistem also helped spontaneously and expertly installed the new windows and the door. "That was a fantastic achievement from all of us together," said a delighted Viktor Lampel.
This project shows that you can also help "on a small scale" with ideas, courage and initiative! And now the family in Moldova does not have to freeze anymore!

No child should freeze in winter

Actually, one should assume that in our rich country every child has warm winter clothes. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as our colleague Caroline Ohlinger knows first-hand. She is involved with the „Regenbogen-Kinderhilfe“ („Rainbow Children's Aid“) association for children's aid and gets to know emergency situations up close. "Every year we have a winter clothing campaign because especially at this time of year the financial distress of the childrenand families is drastic“, states Caroline Ohlinger.
In search of support, she approached our company and Head of Marketing Marc Habermeyer did not hesitate to donate 800 Euros. Thus, we make a contribution to the currently 26 children cared for by the association, in order to equip them in time for the cold season with warm, weatherproof clothing.
Caroline Ohlinger presented the check on behalf of our company and was pleased: "Every donation helps to give a child the opportunity to develop well in the social, educational, health, professional and human spheres of life.
"The „Regenbogen-Kinderhilfe“ is a private association that has set itself the task of helping disadvantaged children in need as volunteers in the Pirmasens region. As diverse as life itself are the charity activities of the association. They react individually to the respective emergency situations and needs of children, with very different measures and regular campaigns. Further information and opportunities to support the association can be found here:

The 12/12/12 Challenge for children with cancer

KÖMMERLING in the United Kingdom supports the charity Children With Cancer UK. The organization is dedicated to raising money for research and providing care for children with cancer and their families. The aims of their research projects are to understand what causes children to get cancer and to develop improved treatments.

Currently, a very special fundraising campaign has been launched: the 12/12/12 Challenge.

The challenge was to complete 12 miles over 12 days during one month. This is to represent the 12 children diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.

Five of our colleagues took part and gave their best: Katie Wilson, Amy Moore and Leon Keilloh each ran one mile during their lunch break for 12 days. Jason Scrivens ran a half- marathon and Managing Director Gareth Jones completed two hikes around his hometown to meet the challenge.

This is real personal commitment for a good cause! Respect and many thanks to Katie, Amy, Leon, Jason and Gareth!

What our volunteers do

Volunteer firefighters, blood donors, first-aiders, safety officers ... numerous colleagues at our plants volunteer for people. With huge personal commitment they provide for emergency rescue or prevent accidents by their attentive work.

Many of them have already been volunteering for decades in addition to their professional activities. For Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO , this is not self-evident . He honoured the long-standing members of the emergency services in Pirmasens who have been volunteering for 25, 30, 35 and even 40 years. "The voluntary commitment of our colleagues is important for the company and deserves the greatest respect," said Dr. Peter Mrosik.

Dr. Mrosik also congratulated on the anniversary of the municipal fire brigade: "The cooperation between our plant fire brigade and the municipal fire brigade of Pirmasens has a long tradition. It was therefore my personal concern to make a small donation to the city's volunteer fire brigade on the occasion of the 150th anniversary celebrations".

For KÖMMERLING, voluntary work has a future. If you would like to get involved you can find out more about the many possibilities here:

185 of our runners started for a good cause.

With 185 runners we took part in the company run of the traditional Palatinate Forest Marathon in Pirmasens at the beginning of September 2019. In Mainz 05 shirts with our motto #KÖMMERLINGBETTERWORLD on the back, our colleagues ran for the shared experience, for fun and for the good cause. For each of our runners we donated 10 Euros to the Heinrich Kimmle charity foundation and rounded the amount up to 2,000 Euros. A great event!

Our initiative for children in Russia: New windows for new Generations

The figures are alarming: more than 50 percent of the facilities for children in Russia urgently need to be renovated. These include kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. In particular, the windows installed decades ago do not protect the rooms from cold, wind and moisture.

For this reason, our Russian subsidiary, profine RUS, founded the social initiative "New windows for new Generations" in 2009. Many companies, partners and customers from the Russian window industry have joined our initiative.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the program, the success record is impressive: More than 2,000 new windows were installed in over 100 children's facilities - free of charge.

Our modern PVC-U windows provide significantly improved conditions for the younger generation with high thermal insulation and sound insulation. In the eleventh year of its existence, the initiative continues to grow and wins supporting partners throughout Russia.

Lotto-Team play for Eileen Görtler and Kristina Vogel

Our KÖMMERLING employee Jannik Nagel thought the idea of a Lotto-Team charity football match to raise money for Eileen Görtler and Kristina Vogel was a fantastic idea and he made a key contribution to the event’s success. Jannik is a player/trainer at amateur club SG Bruchweiler and a true sportsman. He organised the match with the assistance of the club’s players and management. The charity event raised a total of EUR 26,000 to support Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (28), who was left paralysed by a cycling accident, and rheumatism sufferer Eileen Görtler (17) from Nothweiler. KÖMMERLING and its partner Mainz 05 donated additional prizes – including exclusive “window seats” for a Bundesliga home game in the Mainz arena.

Kristina Vogel was amazed that more than 1,300 people came along to watch the game. Famous faces playing for a good cause in the Lotto-Team team included Guido Buchwald, Hans-Peter Briegel, Dariusz Wosz, Wolfgang “Otto“ Kleff and several other international and Bundesliga stars. 87-year-old Horst Eckel (who was on the German team that won the 1954 FIFA World Cup) opened the game, surrounded by a crowd of fans. The entire event was a complete success. It drew tumultuous applause from the spectators, who also made generous donations.

Winning matches with second-hand football boots

Why throw away old but completely intact football boots when there are children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged families or poor countries who need them? This idea prompted the Juvente Mainz Foundation, KÖMMERLING and “Mainz 05 hilft e.V.” to launch a project, and many sacksful of football boots were donated after a call-out from KÖMMERLING. The Juvente Mainz Foundation ensured that the boots were put to good use and they’ve already scored lots of new goals. Joachim Reufels, Marketing Manager Germany, said a few words about the project as he handed over the boots in the Mainz Arena. “The Juvente Mainz Foundation is one of the biggest youth help foundations in Mainz and region. It provides social environment-related support in specific life situations and individual support to children, young people and their families. The foundation also supports children in need by providing them with access to sports, and regularly collaborates in social projects with our partner “Mainz 05 hilft e.V.”."

Our photo shows Joachim Reufels, Marketing Manager Germany, and Klaus Spies, Deputy Director of the Juvente Foundation in Mainz.

For further information visit:

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