Seriously ill and alone, dying yet still wanting to have a normal day, being given the chance to experience a few wonderful hours, having a child at home with a life threatening illness, needing a protected place, having lost a mother or father … things that affect everyone. The children and youth hospice service Calluna e.V. supports and accompanies people in these situations.

The good news is: Calluna e.V. in Soltau is not alone but has many supporters. Our partner KFS Fensterbau & Montagetechnik GmbH in Soltau, one of the leading window companies in the region, is one of these. What makes this company so special is not only its success as a business but its great bond with people as well as its social responsibility and commitment.

Entirely in the spirit of the foundation “KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung” KFS, a founding member, has committed itself to Calluna e.V. in Soltau since 2015. Calluna gives support in two areas: childrens’ hospice and grieving children.

Petra Schurich from KFS says: “Children and teenagers need special care and support when dealing with illness and death. The grieving process for children and teenagers takes a long time and is not covered by health insurances or social organisations. This work has to be financed from donations. Calluna is the only organisation of this kind in our district, which stretches over 2,000 square kilometres and has 140,000 citizens, which offers this kind of support. We are keen to help and we would be delighted if others were to support this organisation.” KFS also provides rooms for Calluna and informs customers and partners about the charity work of the organisation.

Calluna’s childrens’ hospice supports children, teenagers and young adults who have a life shortening illness. The children, as well as their parents and siblings, can get support from the first diagnosis. Staff at Calluna accompany and support families throughout their day-to-day lives enabling them to gather new strength. There are many different ways to do this, each one is aimed at the individual needs of the children and their families. Calluna e.V. is part of a network of paediatricians, hospitals and paediatric nurses.

Calluna also wishes to accompany and support children and teenagers who need to find a new way in life after the loss of a loved one. The staff at the organisation help children through this grieving process as is needed by each individual. They take the resources of the children and teenagers themselves and help strengthen these. This means allowing the children to process their grief rather than hold it back and to enable them to grieve naturally.

Your window to a better world – Calluna e.V. and KFS Fensterbau & Montagetechnik GmbH setting an example of how to work together to provide caring support. Representing the whole team on the photo are (from left to right): Eva von Alm (Children’s hospice carer), Petra Schurich (Managing Director KFS), Angela Schreiber (Chairperson Calluna eV).